Calmly booking a trip to Japan

At 1AM on a seemingly normal weekday, I booked my flight to Japan.

I had trouble sleeping, so I searched for flights from Toronto to Tokyo. Behold, a great deal for non-stop, return. I took approximately 2 seconds to mull over this trip, then I put it on the plastic.

For months, I have been reading blog posts about Japan and staring at photos of various cities and towns. Countless number of times, I had so badly wanted to jump into the computer screen and be a part of that colorful world. I achieved something to that effect by walking around some of the streets of Tokyo using Google Maps street view. I realize I am starting to border on crazy when I say that, but I did it, and it made me happy.

I have never felt so calm in booking a flight. In the past, I would have strictly stuck to my ideal travel dates, have at least five hotel options memorized, have all the activities planned out, and research the public transportation/taxi system beforehand. Then I would start booking the flights.

I had told myself all along that I would go to Japan in April when the weather is nicer, but now I am going in February. I doubt I could have waited patiently until April anyway. What am I in such a hurry to do in Japan? I just want to walk, walk some more, and then keep walking.

I will be celebrating my birthday alone in Tokyo this year. Not fully intended, but I don’t mind it.


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