Hawaii – November 2016 – Day 6

Ah, the last day of our vacation…

My heart was reluctant to leave such a wonderful place.

We had a 5pm flight. We would have lunch, then at 2pm, get on the bus that will take us to the airport.

Saying goodbye was hard. We sat at our balcony for the last time and tried to enjoy the Hawaiian wind. But the wind was really, really strong.

20161114_154311 blog.jpg We got slapped around by the wind as we ate Hawaiian chocolates at the balcony. The box got carried away by the wind.

We got food to go from a truck called Ken’s Kitchen.

20161114_172845.jpgThis food truck sold 4 flavors of shrimp. It was run by a young man and his pretty wife. We saw a cute little boy who didn’t look 5 years old playing happily with his toys in the truck. 

Ken’s Kitchen’s Garlic Butter Shrimp was soooooo good.

20161114_175339.jpg Oh my gosh, why didn’t we try this place sooner?!

We also got a local specialty called Loco Moco from a nearby restaurant.

20161114_175333.jpg Loco Moco: White rice, some weak gravy sauce, beef patty and fried egg. Hmm, could have done without this.

So we ate these local specialty items and got on the bus to the airport. Maybe we should have had a snow cone too, to top it all off.

I told myself that I would definitely come back again.

Hawaii, I miss you so.

Thank you for giving me such beautiful memories.

It feels as though I am ending my Hawaii journal by trickling off, but this is exactly how I felt when I left Hawaii. Trickling off, drop by drop, slowly and quietly.

-The End-


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