Conveyor Belt Sushi in Osaka – Genrokuzushi at Dotonbori, Nanba

This is my second and final rotating sushi experience in Japan. Dotonbori is the famous path that runs along the canal in Nanba, and I joined the line-up at Genrokuzushi at 5pm. I didn’t know a thing about this place, but if people were lining up at 5pm, it couldn’t be bad.

Nanba is such a touristy area that you can easily come across conveyor belt sushi. Some can be a standing one where you don’t get to sit down, and all have slightly different pricing system.

20170309_162526.jpgHere is a poster of a 100 yen conveyor belt resto that I came across. 

20170309_175427.jpgGenrokuzushi. I saw two locations in the Nanba area. This is the Dotonbori location.

Because it was 5pm, the line was short and I only waited 15 minutes or so before being seated. I am an Asian tourist myself, but this place was absolutely filled with Asian tourists. While I was dining there, I felt like I was transported out of Japan. Some people were very uh, vocal, about they had to say (aka. loud as fuck), and the guy sitting beside me had his phone alerts on full volume and I’d know about it whenever he got a new message, which was every 5 seconds. I heard the “KATALK!” message alert incessantly as I ate, and I can still hear it in my head as I write this. A select few really upped the decibel level at this place. I enjoyed the food, but not the chaotic atmosphere.

20170309_180049.jpgThe pricing system here is simple. Each red plate is 125 yen (135 yen w/ tax) and the golden plate is 216 yen, after tax. 

20170309_180052.jpgYes….come to me….COME TO ME!

20170309_180315.jpgFirst plate. Salmon-mayo-onion sushi. The onion was submerged in cold water for a long time so you don’t get the spiciness or have onion breath after.


20170309_180525 blog.jpgI do believe this is torched sardine. Grated daikon topping. Delicioussssss.


Still not sure what this is, but it was good. Grated ginger and some spring onions as topping.

20170309_181012.jpgConger (salt water) eel. Soft, grainy-like texture. Well seasoned. Yum.

20170309_181146.jpgAma ebi. Large. Good. The shrimp danced around in my mouth.

20170309_181516.jpgMackerel. Also good. Not as pungent as other places.

20170309_181827.jpgSome sort of fish roe with the sac still intact so the roe balls stayed together. Really good. A small piece of leaf (I’m pretty sure it’s shiso) hiding below the roe and grated daikon on top. It’s like the bubble tea balls that are liquid inside. In this case, it’s LIQUID FISH. ZOMG.


20170309_182251.jpgSigh, what was this??

20170309_182525.jpgBlanched conch meat (or something like a conch, not sure). Cut in half and placed on top of rice. Not seasoned, so good with a bit of soy sauce. 

20170309_182856 red stuff...daikon in 고춧가루...인가.jpgThis nasty perverted looking stuff is fish intestine. Topped with spicy grated daikon paste and spring onions. I had seen this a lot in pictures before and never had it. It doesn’t have much flavor, but is pretty bitter and the texture is pretty interesting. I wouldn’t eat it again though.

20170309_183452 껍질을 토칭해 기름이 잔뜩 오른 연어.jpgTorched skin so that the oils come alive. Yum.

They had so many good red plates at 135 yen that i didn’t even have the stomach left for the golden 216 yen plates. Really great value. I do remember them having huge hotate (scallop) in golden plates, but I had had those before.

Overall, a very satisfying meal.


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