Snacks and drinks from Konbinis (7-11, Family Mart, Lawson) – Part 1

I’ll explain more about Konbinis (convenience stores) in another post, but this is more of a dump for all my small but memorable moments and purchases from 7-11, Family Mart, Lawson, Mini-Stop, Sun-K-us, and all those convenience store chains across Japan. Konbini is bae. One love.

20170223_213645.jpg  I was in bed at the capsule hotel (separate post about capsule hotels coming). Suntory has these fruit flavored beers called Horoyoi with only 3% alcohol, so it’s like a carbonated fruit beverage with the bitterness of beer. This was a red-grape flavored drink, and the drink was purple. It was cloyingly sweet, so it was not my favorite.

20170224_020802.jpg Fruit flavored water. This was peach flavored. It was sweeter than I thought it’d be, so I switched to real water after.

20170224_082547.jpg Ah, the classic pink sausages, found in every Asian country. There’s barely any real meat in these sausages, but they’re so, so good.

20170224_082818.jpgErmahgerd, the self-serve oden section at 7-11. Family Mart, Lawson and 7-11 all sell oden. Not all locations carry it, but all the bigger ones do. 


20170224_231921.jpgSoft-boiled eggs, individually packaged. Also a nice selection of cheeses and meats to go with wine and beer.

20170225_083953.jpgThese are all appetizers to go with alcohol. Heaven. You can have a drinking party at home if you don’t feel like going out to an izakaya.

20170225_070843 seven ereven.jpgNo need to go to a bakery if you’re looking for a quite bite of bread. All konbinis carry a wide selection of bread and pastries. The one above is from 7-11, I can tell from the packaging. This was a corn-mayo bread, and the mayo was artery-cloggingly heavy. Do not recommend.




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