Snacks and drinks from Konbinis (7-11, Family Mart, Lawson) – Part 2

20170225_154407.jpgSome Sapporo “The gold” and 7-11 branded snack. These were delicious potato-based sticks, coated in light, salty-and-sweet cheesy powder and very crispy. 

20170225_192021.jpgThis isn’t from a konbini…It’s from Maruetsu Petit, a smaller location of the Maruetsu supermarket. But it is a packaged sushi bento, so I’m putting it here. You can find basic sushi in konbinis, but you won’t be able to find these mackerel pressed sushi. Yum. They are very fishy and sour and smelly, so it’s an acquired taste.

20170225_195522.jpg“When you eat this jelly, do not think but feel. Fresh fruits & nata de coco maybe please you”. You heard the packaging. Be maybe pleased.

20170226_040455.jpgLate-night oden and beer run from 7-11. Separate post about oden will be up, with pics of individual oden pieces and the different sauces you can grab.

20170226_174804 family mart bread.jpg7-11 onigiri and Family Mart okonomiyaki bread. Other konbinis have okonomiyaki bread as well, I just happened to buy mine from Family Mart. 

20170226_175054.jpg 20170226_175047.jpgClose-ups of this 7-11 onigiri. The inside was different from the picture. Since the picture had brown stuff, I thought it was seasoned meat, but it’s pickled veg. Still really good, actually my favorite onigiri.

20170226_175722.jpgI tore the packaging for this Family Mart okonomiyaki bread too angrily (I was treated poorly at a yakitori restaurant earlier and was eating my feelings). This is a carb-lover’s dream. Soft noodles seasoned with worcestershire sauce, and some julienned benishoga (pickled ginger). If you’re looking for savory carbs on carbs, this is it.

20170225_122536.jpg Really rich and tasty milk coffee found at all konbinis.

20170226_181442.jpg 20170226_181500.jpgThis is a really popular jelly that Asian tourists take huge bags of back home. There are three or so flavors, I bought the muscat grape. It even looks like a real grape. It has this really thin, edible coating and inside is a konjac-based jelly that tastes even better than a real grape.

20170227_061006 warm. Lawson.jpg A very popular milk tea available in all konbinis, and is sold cold or warm. Most konbinis have a separate section for packaged drinks that are kept hot, and this is one of them. You can also buy hot bottled green tea, coffee, milk coffee, etc. 

20170227_061013 lawson natural.jpg The hot milk tea and a Lawson sandwich. There are two sandwiches in this package, for only $3!

20170227_061215.jpg Sandwich 1 of 2; mayo and potato salad at the top layer, then ham and iceberg lettuce with more mayo. YUM. Japanese mayo is really something else.

20170227_061401.jpg Sandwich 2 of 2; thin beef katsu doused with thin worcestershire sauce, a layer of egg salad in the middle, then a whole soft boiled egg cut up in the bottom layer.

20170227_061654.jpg 5 slices of soft, airy Japanese loaf bread were sacrificed just for this second sandwich. A worthy sacrifice.

20170227_171255.jpg  Fruit flavored beer, sub-brand called Horoyoi, from Suntory. The peach one was better tasting than the red-grape flavored one (from Part 1)

20170228_053631.jpg Carton of soymilk. I had eaten too much self-destructive foods (carbs, meat, fried stuff, sugar) so I thought this might help me feel better about myself. I was surprised to find that this had absolutely no sugar in it, so that was nice.


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