Snacks and drinks from Konbinis – Part 3

20170301_112108.jpg Strawberry milk. Not as highlighter-pink in flavor and color as the ones found in North America. Yum.

20170302_154619 family mart oden.jpgSelf-serve oden from Family Mart. Broken ball of hanpen, sausage, knot of konjac wire. Check out the cute built-in mustard saucer on the left side of the container.

20170302_214616.jpg Peach-flavored Calpis yogurt pop. This left a weird after-taste, like expired milk powder. Do not recommend.

20170303_204249.jpg  20170303_204917.jpg 7-11 branded chocolate chou puffs. I was so surprised at the quality of this. Great puffs loaded with thick, dark chocolate.

20170304_191739.jpg  20170304_194748.jpgAh, the famous mochi roll from Lawson. The bread part of the roll is a perfect texture combination of soft cake and mochi. The whipped cream is amazing, light, and just sweet enough. How do they do it?! Lawson houses a dessert brand called Uchi Cafe, and all Uchi Cafe stuff is really good.

20170305_202112.jpg 20170305_202231.jpg This onigiri from 7-11 had strips of heavily seasoned strips of konbu. Concentrated dark flavor of soy sauceon the strips. Not my favorite, but not bad either. The more you chew, the more the rice mixed with the seasoned konbu and finds balance.

20170305_201001.jpg 20170305_201209.jpgMore 7-11 onigiri. This is with flavored bonito. Unlike other onigiris, the rice is seasoned.

20170305_203912.jpg 20170305_203859.jpgCustard pudding. Had a torched top, and brunt sugar syrup at the bottom. Such quality. Wow.

20170228_072947 seven ereven.jpg Morning run to 7-11 for bread. I had no clue what these were, just listened to my heart and grabbed two that looked interesting.

20170228_073018.jpg 20170228_073145 how does this taste good.jpgBread 1 of 2; Surprise! This is curry bread. Curry is cooked with tons of veg and blitzed into an indiscernible paste. How the hell does this manage to taste so good? I saw a specialty stall in touristy areas, selling just this curry bread. If there is a fad in Japan, konbinis will find a way to replicate it and sell it.

20170228_073600.jpg 20170228_074028.jpg Pretty sure that green sticker says something important, but not sure what. Ah, well, it’s funner that way. Took a bite and it was strawberry jam and a sheet of soft, non-salted butter in a super-soft hotdog bun. This also used to be a sensational fad.

20170306_075302.jpgPremium instant ramen. Konbini brands collaborate with famous ramen shops to replicate their flavors into a preserved, packaged form. These usually cost around $3. The weird pink floating thing is a slice of char siu meat that came dehydrated.


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