Snacks and drinks from Konbinis – Part 4

20170318_121139.jpg I bought this from a konbini Kyoto station. 400 yen. Fucking serious. Ate it on my 13,910 yen shinkansen (bullet train) ride back to Tokyo.

20170318_160702 좀 큰 니미스탑.그래도 그렇지 콘비니에 샐러드 바가....jpgThis especially large Mini Stop in Tokyo had a freakin’ legit salad bar. For real.

20170307_085807.jpgWow, Korean girls must really love this mochi roll from Lawson. Not all Lawson stores have signs like this, but this particular Lawson did. This is really good, as noted in Part 3.

20170307_085916.jpgMitarashi dango for cheap. Usually one stick is at least a 100 yen, so 3 for 108 yen is budget. Tastes pretty good. Mitarashi dango is dango covered in thick, sweet and salty soy-based sauce.

20170314_204818.jpg 20170314_204932.jpgIce cream waffle sandwich with a thin sheet of milk chocolate in the middle. It was autumn weather outside but I wasn’t about to leave Japan before trying some of their ice cream.  YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS.

20170307_090028.jpg Sold in the hot section at a Lawson. It was chilly, so the warm drink was more of a heat pouch. Tasted really watery and gross. No recommend.

20170307_202417.jpg Bought this from a Daiso, not knowing what it was. This is liquified milk candy. If you haven’t had milk candy, this is it, liquified. Try it.

20170310_210128 한국에 그 핑크 하얀 오징어칩.jpg Late night Suntory beer in my capsule hotel with shrimp flavored checkered puffs from Family Mart.

20170311_094428.jpg One of the most popular snacks to take back home, matcha Kit Kat. Actually has big flakes of real green tea, green because they used white chocolate as a base so that the matcha green shows up, and has a nice, fragrant aftertaste.

20170311_210143.jpg Late night Lawson run

20170311_213728.jpg Classic roll cake slice from Lawson dessert brand, Uchi Cafe. Yum.

20170311_214449.jpg These puffy corn sticks covered in chocolate come individually packaged so that you don’t have to eat like, all 8 sticks after you open the bag. 100 yen.

20170312_002909.jpgHaven’t watched anime in years, but watched it while eating these pick-ups from a nearby Family Mart. One Cup Ozeki is a one-person portion sake sold in a glass bottle. Ah, an alcoholic’s dream.

20170312_003042.jpg 20170312_004623.jpg Tuna mayo onigiri. Can’t go wrong with this.

20170312_003056.jpg 20170312_003114.jpgHot and super crispy and fried chicken from Family Mart. I opened the top like a barbarian and took a bite. Shortly realized that there were directions on the back on how to open this bag.

20170312_003445.jpg  20170312_003508.jpg Ah, there are pre-cuts in the middle of the bag, so you tear it open in the middle and voila, you can eat your huge ass crispy chicken nugget without touching it with your probably-dirty hands.

20170312_160235.jpg Chinese style pork bun from Lawson. Served warm because it’s kept in a steamer. Tasted really artificial and cheap. Do not recommend.

20170312_211742.jpg Konbinis often have events where you can collect something or buy certain things and then get these limited-edition character goods.

20170312_220250.jpgLate-night party with friends I met in Kyoto. The two pretty tall cans of Suntory is with limited-time cherry blossom packaging, but otherwise, the beer tastes the same as regular Suntory beer.

20170312_220431.jpg Not sure what this was, I think it was sake…

20170312_220638.jpg 20170312_221500.jpg   Lawson brand bag of seafood chips. So tasty and a great variety.

20170312_220756.jpg 20170312_220841.jpg  Hard-as-rock rice crackers coated with very strong, concentrated and smoky soy sauce. So salty, that it was bitter. Did not enjoy. It was more expensive than the other ones, so I thought I might give it a try.

20170312_223348.jpg More Lawson brand snacks. There is a strip of cheese sandwiched in between two strips of cod sheets to make one strip of heaven. Perfect with alcohol.

20170312_231945.jpg Beer goggles.

20170312_231940.jpg Super soft and runny milk pudding. Yum. Pudding-fied milk candy.


20170315_205339.jpg 7-11 brand. Crunchy corn snack filled with cream-cheese-y filling. Salty.




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