Snacks and drinks from Konbinis – Part 5

20170323_170612.jpg 20170323_170744.jpgCronut with whipped cream inside. *Heavy breathing*

20170323_122900.jpg 20170323_123023.jpg Eclair filled to the max with heavenly custard cream

20170322_213022.jpg 20170322_213107.jpg Cream puff with whipped cream AND custard cream inside. DIABEETUS.

20170322_212208.jpgBeer with seaweed flavored shrimp chips. SEW GEWD.

20170321_190446 옜날 한국 스타일 도너츠.jpg Little deep fried donuts with anko (red bean) filling. Individually packaged.

20170321_190335.jpg Carbonated lemon soda. It claims to have the same amount of vitamin C as 50 lemons. This was so good, and actually tasted sour instead of that watered down lemonade crap.

20170321_190104 garlic soy sauce flavor kettle chi.jpg Roasted garlic flavored kettle chips.

20170320_211116 단짠은 좋은데 기름이랑 마차 비린내랑 안 어울려.jpg Green tea chocolate drizzled potato chips. This was kinda gross, because you could smell the green tea, and the white chocolate and the oil from the chip and together, they smell gross in your mouth.

20170320_203912.jpg Apple flavored hiroyoi and tuna mayo snack pack

20170320_203958.jpg 20170320_204151.jpg Snack packs are sealed on the sides and the filling is literally mayo, tuna and pepper. Wouldn’t get this snack pack again.

20170318_082201.jpg Hot chai tea latte. YUMMMM

20170317_134104 안에는 입에서 부서지는 쿠키.jpg These are expensive! 8 tiny cookies. Chocolate outside and puffed chocolate cookies on the inside. Really good.

20170316_202912.jpg Mitarashi dangos, with the dango balls pre-roasted so they look burnt. 3 for 108 yen. Tastes as good as expensive ones. I actually prefer them cold because they’re chewier, so this was perfect.

20170316_202226.jpg 20170316_202325.jpg I’ve never heard or seen this dessert brand before, but this chocolate dorayaki was da bomb. So fluffy with lil chocolate chips and the chocolate cream inside was *salivating*

20170316_135029.jpg 20170316_135108 밑에는 쌉싸릉한 마차 젤라틴으로 굳른 크림.jpg Lawson’s matcha jelly dessert cup. Bitter matcha jelly in the bottom, with red beans, strawberry, peach, mochi balls and konjac jelly. I didn’t enjoy the konjac jellies in here.

20170315_222956.jpg Inverted mitarashi dango from 7/11. All that sweet and salty syrup on the inside. To be honest, it was too much syrup.

20170315_205850.jpg 20170315_210155.jpg Hnnnnggh this was soo good. Sour and sweet on the outside, creamy and sweet on the inside. Real pieces of strawberry. Why can’t they have ice cream like this in Canada?


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