Character Cafe Experience in Japan

On my 29th day in Japan, I decided to go to a character cafe…alone. People don’t usually go to character cafes alone, like, even in Japan, the land of eating alone, that’s not a thing, but when else am I going to be able to go to a character cafe?

So, um… I did it.20170322_110720.jpg

I’m a grown ass woman so I’m not really a fan of any character, so I just picked a cafe at random when I went back to Takeshita (Harajuku) for the second time.

As I was strolling, I saw sign about two character cafes upstairs, so I decided to eat lunch in one of them.

I took the elevator up (it had a security cam and you could see yourself; never seen that before). To my surprise, there was a line-up at 10:30am, for 11am opening time. 20170322_104554.jpg 20170322_110201.jpg

These were the two character cafes, competing right infront of each other. Literally no one went into the other one during the whole time I was at Pompompurin Cafe. Both are on the 3rd floor.20170322_110246.jpg

Menu de Chez Pompompurin20170322_110843.jpg

At 11am sharp, they started letting people in. They made sure to give some delay between the seating of each group so that the waiters could manage a flow of service, so it took a while for me to get in.

When I asked for a table for 1, the waiter had a pause, then nodded. I think he was surprised that someone came here alone. Nevertheless, I didn’t feel that anyone was judging me in a negative way. I think that in Japan, as long as you’re not harming anyone, no one gives you any trouble and no one makes you feel like a weirdo. Even if they have anything negative to say or think, they keep it to themselves and go on with their day.

Anyhoozzle, here are some pics I took once I got seated.


Look at this cute set-up!!!20170322_110949.jpg

Look at these cute foods!20170322_111111.jpg20170322_111540.jpg

Merchandise section for all your Pompompurin desires.20170322_111645.jpg

A very age-diverse group inside. There were two girl friends in their 20’s, grown-ups with their little and not-so-little daughters, highschool girls, etc. That lighted pillar is a photo zone where a lot of people take their commemorative picture.20170322_110953 부녀 모녀 찬구 오른들도 오는 blog.jpg

Gong to a cafe is always a great opportunity to people-watch. I observed a strict-looking father with his cute, quiet daughter. She ordered a chocolate parfait and he sipped his water as she enjoyed it. Later, he helped her finish it. He then told her she should go look at all the merchandise, which she happily did. He maintained one facial expression the entire time, but it was nice to see a middle-aged father and his little daughter come out to Harajuku for some character-cafe dessert time.

I also saw a mother with her daughter who seemed about 16. The mother was really adorable; she took pictures of everything and had a grin on her face the whole time. I mean, the daughter was having fun, but the mom was really having a blast. It was like the daughter took her mother to Pompompurin cafe, if you know what I mean.


It took a while for my food to arrive. When I saw other people receive the same food I ordered, I saw the waiters giving the customers a small, white box. I got all excited, because I figured mine probably came with a take-home gift!!! And I was right!!! I got a copy of that Pompompurin shaped saucer in the photo.

Look at his lil tail beneath the egg-blanket!!! His hat is a mushroom and his face is drawn on with chocolate. Don’t forget the clover-leaf green pepper.20170322_114523.jpg

I’m so sorry, Pompompurin!!!!20170322_114653.jpg

They used glutinous rice so that the rice actually stick together in the mold and holds well once it’s taken out. I thought the yellow came from a curry powder, but I couldn’t smell any hint of curry…maybe they used the knock-off saffrons… The egg-blanket was fluffy and sweet. It tasted pretty good, overall. The cauliflower and broccoli at the back were cooked-from-frozen, so they tasted nasty.

Fluffy egg-blanket close-up, with some white cheese sauce that came in the Pompompurin shaped saucer.20170322_115042

Sigh… I had such a fun time. I mean, I’m definitely a grown-ass woman with grown-ass woman tendencies most of the time, but that all went out the door when I walked into this place. You try getting a plate of a bear with a mushroom hat, sleeping inside an egg blanket, and not gush over it.

I just googled what Pompompurin is, and it’s not a bear, it’s a golden retriever…I like my bear interpretation better.




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