Walking Japan: The Wonderous Ginkakuji (aka. Silver Pavillion, aka. Jishoji)

After an hour of strolling the Philosopher’s Path, I took the the small street leading to Ginkakuji, the famous Silver Pavillion.

I wasn’t expecting much; I assumed it would be just another tall structure with some gardening around it. I would spend 2 minutes staring, and then I’d stray off to all the shopping and eating nearby.

I’m glad to say, it was a pleasant surprise when I got there. It’s a small but elaborate and immaculate Temple garden. It’s got that zen charm that I personally associate with Japanese culture. I later found out that it is officially categorized as a Zen temple; no wonder it was so different from my past temple experiences, like Kiyomizudera.

The map at the front of the garden. I thought it’d be a 1-hour walk, but the map totally exaggerates on actual size. In truth, it’s a 20-minute stroll, at best, if you walk slowly and take pictures.20170316_141311.jpg

The entrance gate. Doki doki (sound of my heart beating).20170316_141340 main gate (entrance).jpg

Looked like the start of a maze, like in those European gardens in the Victorian era. Nope, just an intimate path to the ticket stand. Pay up.20170316_141433 입장료 내기 전 길.jpg

500 yen per adult. I think it’s great value for what you get to see! The one on top is the ticket. 20170316_141627 500yen (aka 은각사 jishoji),. 싸다.jpg

The beginning of the garden!20170316_141738 키요미쥬랑 너무 비교된다.jpg

I believe this was the Main Hall. This picture doesn’t do justice!20170316_141912.jpg


Make a wish, and throw a coin. If it lands on the rock, it just may come true! I saw some middle school students doing it. They were having fun.20170316_142251

This garden helped me realize that my camera was actually a really good camera. It’s so beautiful here, that you could take a picture with a potato and still get amazing shots.20170316_142305.jpg

Postcard right here.20170316_142445.jpg

Already the end of the trail. You must walk on the designated trail. 20 minutes total.20170316_143501 short walk. 20 minutes total.jpg

I was so sad to leave that I did one more round.

What kind of annoyed me was how obnoxious a couple was being. They were being loud and blocking the trails by taking a countless number of pictures. I know it’s a special occasion to be in this garden and they have every right to take pictures and have a conversation, but DAMN, SON, you taking away all the fucking zen. lol. Pipe down a bit.

Found a rabbit hole! Looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland. 20170316_145102.jpg

Stopped by the gift shop and purchased a set of geiko paper bookmarks. I laminated these when I got back to Toronto. What a wonderful keepsake.20170316_150057.jpg

I will never be able to forget this experience.


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